Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

palombian wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

The rumored R7 and R3 have almost no market overlap, unless the R3 is 83+ MP, but the cost would be prohibitive to many if that was the only way to get the pixel density and intelligent AF.

There is a huge gap in Canon's current offerings: no cameras with good pixel density that have intelligent tracking AF. A 30 or even 45MP R3 will not fill that gap.

Before I bought my R5, I thought that I could make up for the loss of pixels-on-subject that I had with my 90D through an extra 1.4x of tele-conversion, but it turns out the the R5 is highly incompatible with many lenses and TCs, unless you use a Canon lens and only one Canon TC, which gets me nowhere with the R5's huge pixels, and the 400/4DO II, the heaviest lens that I am willing to carry around. I need to use it at 1120/11 to get the quality I had with the 90D at 800/8, but 1120/11 crashes the lens and the IS bangs like a pneumatic power tool. If I turn off IS, it will work with AF for a few seconds before giving a communication error.

I have the M6II with the same 32mp sensor (and as I understand comparable AF) as the 90D and the quality with the 400 DO II + 2xIII is IMO at or over the edge in many situations (as it was already visible on the 20mp 7DII). No surprise stacking an additional 1.4 has the same effect on the R5.

It's two TCs, though, which adds two sets of aberrations (even if minor), but two TCs brings more potential electrical problems.  By electrical problems, I don't mean focus struggles; I mean the system crashing or malfunctioning; not working at all.

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