Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

John Sheehy wrote:

EJ Fudd wrote:

in talking to someone who has worked in photo industry for 30 yrs with canon and nikon the only people who want an APS-C sensor is wildlife photographers, manufactures don’t want it
The cost of producing a full frame sensor versus an APS sensor is minimal not to mention the expense of having RandD expenses and plants manufacturing aps-c sensors.
In addition frame sensors now are 45 megapixels plus, you can easily crop in and get an image that will be just as good or better than a 30 megapixel crop sensor with less noise. Not to mention the expense of 2 different lens designs.

I was already shooting at 800mm (real mm) with the 90D, which has 2x the pixel density of the R5, so the R5 is a huge step back in pixels-on-subject, especially when you consider that despite the fact that the R5 can easily AF at high f-ratios, achieving them with multiple TCs is electrically and mechanically problematic, and the R5 does not have the rock-solid stability I had with the 90D, where the in-lens IS worked very well, but the R5 added X/Y IBIS twitches and causes small blurs that limit stability with even reasonable shutter speeds.

I am used to a lot of "pixels per duck" too (with the M6II, same 32mp sensor as 90D) to pick far away birds for observation purposes. I am afraid the R5 would be a waste of money for this purpose.

Even with the apparently vastly superior AF of the R5 an additional extender to replace the crop factor should have some impact on the image quality and AF speed somewhere. In my experience producing more mm's with extenders to compensate pixel loss is a zero sum game.

When the birds are big and/or close enough to fill a reasonable part of the frame my 7DII still does the job in expectation of a successor. But if a high level 32mp APS-C mirrorless does not realize, compared to the 7DII the R5 should win, although at a higher cost.

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