Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

EJ Fudd wrote:

in talking to someone who has worked in photo industry for 30 yrs with canon and nikon the only people who want an APS-C sensor is wildlife photographers, manufactures don’t want it
The cost of producing a full frame sensor versus an APS sensor is minimal not to mention the expense of having RandD expenses and plants manufacturing aps-c sensors.
In addition frame sensors now are 45 megapixels plus, you can easily crop in and get an image that will be just as good or better than a 30 megapixel crop sensor with less noise. Not to mention the expense of 2 different lens designs.

I was already shooting at 800mm (real mm) with the 90D, which has 2x the pixel density of the R5, so the R5 is a huge step back in pixels-on-subject, especially when you consider that despite the fact that the R5 can easily AF at high f-ratios, achieving them with multiple TCs is electrically and mechanically problematic, and the R5 does not have the rock-solid stability I had with the 90D, where the in-lens IS worked very well, but the R5 added X/Y IBIS twitches and causes small blurs that limit stability with even reasonable shutter speeds.

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