Why I believe Olympus/OMDS is dead/inactive

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Re: You probably never dealt with Apple as a soft. dev...

Phil wrote:

I am really laughing now.

Glad to hear!

I was a MS Beta tester at one time. They listened to you.

Your comment also sums up my experience with MS too; both with their 'low-level devs' and people in the extreme leadership side of their corporate spectrum.

Your comments about Apple are right on. I gave up on them. Yet they have people who swear but them, but they are usually not the technical sort.

I know technical people who also swear by Apple, but I noticed that increasingly more and more want to move away. Some do, others are more concerned for all the money they have already spent on the App Store and iTunes. Personally, I gave up on my Apple gear after I lost over a day and got a very nasty headache because OS X kept overriding my Python libraries installation to its default, built-in one in a very bizarre manner: it was copying the folders to the correct place, but then creating virtual remappings of them for no reason. Then again, I was not using the machine the way 'I was meant to' by switching to a sudo user...

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