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Cavig1 wrote:

iitsdavis wrote:

I recently purchased an A9, and I'm not sure if I'm suffering from buyers remorse but I just want to know if I purchase the right camera that met my needs. Ranking the types of photography I do, I would rank Landscape/Nightscape & street photography as the most important then Portraits and concert and events like music festivals as a good second. I like to take still portraits but also where my subjects are moving (not erratically but like spinning or throwing something in the air).

The things that I was looking for in a Camera was:

  1. Good autofocus
  2. Ability to do a timelapse

After purchasing the A9, I felt I should of gotten the RIV instead. Since I like to shoot mostly scapes and street. I’m still waiting for the A9 to arrive as I have 30 days to return but I'm not sure how it would handle nights scapes and events and concert at night + I imagine the noise from the photos would be a problem. I was considering the RIII but they don't have a timelapse feature and the RIV has better AF. Did I purchase the wrong camera?

The A9 has the best AF available. I’ve got no idea regarding time lapse. Sorry.

If you don’t do action the R4 may be a better option. The AF isn’t bad and the added resolution will help with landscape shots.

If you haven’t even tried the A9 yet, you may want to give it a go. The AF will blow you away. If it’s not the camera you need, return it. Just my opinion.

Stay healthy 😷


Ditto what Cavig said.

The A9 is a very, very different camera than the A7R IV.  If you do any kind of photography where you need the reliability of a silent anti-distortion shutter indoors, then there is no question the A9 would do you better.  However, it doesn't look like that's on your list so...#shrug.  I would say, however, if you're worried about noise, the A9 and A7R IV look fairly similar in terms of noise control, at least according to the DPReview Studio Comparison.

I would say, though, for events and anything photojournalistic in nature, the A9 is just going to be a better choice because of the blackout free EVF and autofocus.

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