Why I believe Olympus/OMDS is dead/inactive

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Re: Compared to what?

Funny Valentine wrote:

victorav wrote:

Funny Valentine wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Funny Valentine wrote:

The logic of olympus/omds apologists makes no sense here.

Compared to what, to your distorted facts logic?

Every camera manufacturer is up to date on Apple, except Olympus. Yet Apple is the one to blame ? How is that logic again ?

As was pointed out to you, it appears everything was given to Apple but they for whatever reason have not done anything. OMDS has no control of Apples OS. So yes if Apple has what they need, and have not indicated that need more it is 100% Apples fault.

Unless you have anything else to the contrary you would like to share.

The only thing that was pointed out here is that a British administrator from OMDS has sent Apple the protocols. And Apple has not responded.

But isn't Olympus/OMDS a Japanese company ? Maybe Apple found it weird that some third party from the UK is sending them the RAW support, and not Olympus Japan.

BTW we're talking about cameras released in October of 2019 (em5-3) and February of 2020 (em1-3), way before the JIP takeover. Why is OMDS even involved in this ?

Perhaps you are unaware but omds is just the gutted Olympus camera division. I'm not sure many people understand that the consumer camera division was basically it's own company just under Olympus.

Olympus has decided that it will not foot the bill after this year.

So to answer your question, omds is the Olympus consumer camera division.

Here's a question for you, why would Olympus a medical/health care business want to talk to Apple about consumer products?

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