Syncing sound to footage in premier

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Re: Syncing sound to footage in premier

Syncing by hand is really not that hard, but it can be time consuming. Here's a technique I use: Put a marker in the video track at a percussive moment - a spoken 'T' or 'D' or other sound that will show a spike in the audio waveform. Now find that same word in the audio file and put a marker in it. (The Add Marker command adds a marker in whatever is highlighted - could be a video track, or audio track, or if no tracks are highlighted, it would be the timeline.)

Now that you have markers in both the video track and the new audio track, simply drag them close together and they will snap into alignment. Then zoom in to the maximum to verify your alignment is good. You'd have to do this with every video clip.

If your completed edit doesn't jump back and forth in time, I wonder if it would be easier to import the original video and new audio into the project at the Track 1 position, align it with Premiere's "sync audio" command, and then redo the edit, referring to the edit in the track above the Track 1 position?

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