Laowa RF Mount 14mm F4 RL ZERO-D - a bit of struggle either MF issue or resolution

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Re: Laowa RF Mount 14mm F4 RL ZERO-D - a bit of struggle either MF issue or resolution

A couple of your earlier shots looked considerably sharper to me than the last one you posted.

I'm a little confused as to the connection between the marked infinity point on your lens barrel and your ability to focus through your viewfinder, magnified or not. Never go by barrel marking for setting exact focus points, as they may not be accurate at all. They are meant as approximate points, unless you are talking about extremely expensive cinema lenses with which users may rarely, on occasion, depend on matching the marks for real focusing. Plus, actual infinity focusing is frequently surprisingly different than the marked point for infinity on your lens barrel.

And, for lenses that are very wide angles, it is always very difficult to find the exact best focus point, because so much of the frame can be in approximate, but not best, focus when the lens is stopped down and the subject is something like a landscape that doesn't zero in on a close object at quite short focus distance.

Finally, one needs to practice setting the lens for the best focus point, by keeping in mind the optical properties of focusing; a rough rule of thumb is the when you set a particular focus point of the lens, approximately one third of the visible space of the image before that point will be in rough focus, and two thirds of the space after your focus point will be in that same rough focus, with the total distance amount of rough focus determined by the aperture and distance from the focal plane to the exact focus point.

I really couldn't tell if your lens is defective, or your technique is not so good, unless I had some much more controlled images to look at, but, from what I see of a couple of your shots, the lens doesn't seem that bad at all (except the last one) with only some softening in the bottom far corners (top corners have no detail with which to judge), which is pretty typical of almost all very wide lenses, except for a few really expensive ones.

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