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Why would they bother making all products very recyclable? Why would they bother investing money to get renewable energy sources? Why they would force suppliers to follow in this area? The easiest would be to not do any of those things.

Very recyclable? If they truely cared about that, the "right to repair" movement would not be a thing.

Yes, very recyclable. Look at the materials they use on components.

Also this is not something only Apple is guilty of. The process of obtaining raw materials used in phones and computers is very environmentally harmful and offsets any "green" initiatives.

Thus, a good thing they make their devices very recyclable. They also recycle things.

Not only this but some of the things Apple has done, like getting rid of the charger with some products actually ends up creating more waste.

How so? The idea is to re-use chargers many people have.

They were very easy to recycle actually

and? How not having to put out more of them when people have charged better? The best recycle is the one you don’t have to do- when it makes sense to do so

you were always paying for the charger

Actually it would be better to make more sustainable and power efficienct charger. Not promote very inefficient wireless charging stations.


Not to mention everyone one uses plastic in their packaging which almost always ends up in landfills, or the ocean.

Which is why they are using a new packaging for iPhone 12 which is very recyclable. Also iPhone 12is the first smartphone with 100% recyclable rare elements in all magnets.

Yes this these are really nice baby steps that do little to off set the damage that is being done.

there’s many lore things being done on what criteria is it just baby steps? Who else is doing this?

If you notice Apple is not 100% specific on these things. That is because even if they get to a point of 90% recovery it may not be enough to offset demand. Apple wants you to buy a new iPhone every year. They want to expand marketshare.

Very company wants to sell devices the question I am asking is within those companies which are investing as much as apple to help with the environment?

A lot of e waste is still shredded, and yes even by Apple, which makes it harder to recycle.

And I also believe you don't really understand supply chain. There is packaging on top of what Apple does.

oh I do I was giving an example of improvements

Yes Apple is trying, unfortunately a lot of this info is coming from Apple not independent environmental assessments. Which I gaurentee you would be less forgiving.

go ahead and read the amount of investments and how apple is pushing on the supply chain with changes who else is exactly doing this? What would ah e been the easier route when uiu care zero about environment?

The difference is some companies are not pretending to be green. But Apple is not the only one guilty of pretending.

You should read what they have done over time to go more green. It's out there- look it up. Things they didn't have to do because they would have saved more money at least initially.

I mean, why bother doing this?


Yes let's all sing and dance while turning a blind eye to the amount of work that must be done before companies can claim to be green.

I didn’t say we should turn a blind eye or sing and dance I was merely putting t in perspective what apple is trying to do giving you evidence

of course we should all be skeptical and watch

Yes at least Apple is trying although I believe Dell, and HP as well as Samsung have been as well.

with the same scope/breath and current level of accomplishment?

The problem is they trying to be green but are not yet.

Are they trying the same hard?  The same breadth of initiatives? Are we to expect companies to flip overnight or is a timetable more reasonable?

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