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papajohnny wrote:

CamDude202 wrote:

Hello all, i just wanted to ask a quick and brief question or two solely opinion based.

I recently purchased a Z5 and after doing some comparisons of spec sheets with the

z6 it really brings the questions of, is the z5 being held back by its firmware? and

do you think the future firmware updates will unlock features like the 1.7 crop and 1080p 120 fps? from what ive seen, the only hardware disadvantages between the z5 and z6 is the back lit sensor, .2 megapixels, and screen dots... so the z5 is obviously being firmware locked so that you purchase a z6 or higher!

Somebody on youtube claimed that without any evidence. I don't think Z5 is limited in software, the limitations are likely hardware related.

Well considering the Z5 uses the same processor as the Z6 and Z7 (gen 1 at least having a single processor) I don't think it's so much hardware limited IMO, unless it has to do with the sensor itself. And as for the burst shooting, even the D750 (which is the closest DSLR competitor to the Z5 in the Nikon line-up) has a faster burst rate. So unless NIkon used parts from 6-7 years ago in the Z5, I think at least part of this was done with software, especially the burst shooting speeds.... 4 fps... that's like DSLRs from 2010.

They had to differentiate the Z5 and Z6 enough to justify the $600 price difference (at least at the time when the Z5 was released the Z6 was still about $1800).  If the Z5 could do almost the same things as the Z6, then why spend another $500?  So I think what Nikon did was they added some hardware features, like dual card slots and USB charging, but also gimped the camera (with software, like the burst rate) to balance things out, otherwise the Z5 would be a more attractive camera to shooters over the Z6.

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