An intensive photo sessions period with my Z7I and Z50 (Nikkor&Viltrox)

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Re: An intensive photo sessions period with my Z7I and Z50 (Nikkor&Viltrox)

Photo 1:

Talking about posing I would have left a gap between the dress and her left arm. While one can see that the model is working with her legs, I feel like a more curvy pose would help. I also don't really like the spot or camera angle, I think you did a better job by choosing a different angle on photo 7. The hair on the left side looks a bit messy.

Photo 2:

It's okay. I like the stairs. I probably would have chosen a different pose, made her sit, knees poiting to the right, feet pointing to the left.

Photo 3:

Looks good. Her hair looks a bit wild. Maybe some editing on her cheek,

Photo 4:

Looks beautiful, hair looks great. Remove the black thing in the bottom left corner. I would do some editing on the knee and the reddish fingers and the arm.

Photo 5:

Interesting. I like the hair. I would probably choose to get closer and crop a lot to the left and to the right. Some shots with the hand pose, some without. But everything without the jacket.

Photo 6:

Looks good, but I enjoyed the warmer tone of photo 4 more. Some editing on her skin. I don't know how to say it in English but I would flip some of her hair back from the right to the left.

Photo 7:

Looks good.

Photo 8:

It's okay but I don't really like the posing and camera angle.

Photo 9:

Looks good. Some editing on her skin.

Photo 10:

Flat hand on head = headache pose. But I like the colors. Skin, shirt, background, it works really well.

Photo 11:

Well, yes, midday sun is difficult. I don't like the harsh shadows in her face. Hands are red and I can count two boogers in her nose. I would have chosen a bigger light source / reflector. I don't like the dark thing in the bottom right.

Photo 12:

Interesting view lol. I like the pose and it works with the UWA. Maybe try the same pose at a different spot like stairs or somewhere with a less busy background, something more clean. Yes, 66% of the background here is just the blue sky but the other 33% add nothing to the photo.

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