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Re: Full day video stream / webinar

I doubt that your XT4 would overheat if it was just in liveview mode and you weren't recording, but there might be a liveview timeout feature, so it would be best to run some tests.

With that said, I think that a prosumer camcorder would be better for this application, as they have a servo zoom lens, good constant AF, XLR audio inputs, SDI outputs, and HDMI output.

I do livestream events at work with On24, Webex, and Teams, with a setup and equipment that's a bit different than what you would need, as corporations have a more sophisticated and expensive setups than are warranted for freelancers, but the principles are the same.

At work I use an AJA U-Tap to get external video signal into a laptop, and sometimes connect the U-Tap's input to a video switcher's output, which allows me to connect two laptops to the switcher over HDMI, one dedicate to the main PowerPoint presentation, and the other to play prerecorded videos to be injected into the stream. It's preferable to connect the camera to the video switcher through SDI, as it is a sturdier connection and supports longer runs than HDMI.

Some services, like On24, allow you to upload your Power Point and video files, but depending on the number of videos, you might run into file size limits.

The output from the soundboard will be XLR or 1/4" at line level, a prosumer camcorder should have a switch or setting to accommodate line level, but your XT4 would need a Stereo XLR Line Isolator to drop the amplitude down to mic level .

When I purchase a camera, I consider which one is the most versatile within my budget range, and go with that, as I can always rent a camera for a project that warrants something different.

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