Is 8 megs enough on new iMac M1 computers?

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Re: Is 8 megs enough on new iMac M1 computers?

For the amateur enthusiast this is a bit of a dilemma. The big thing about Intel iMacs is being able to add 3rd party RAM at far less than Apple charge. My 27"iMac is a late 2014 model which I've upgraded to 24GB, but it has a 1TB Fusion Drive. This is for editing still photos but potentially quite large files in DXO Photolab at present.

So which applies:- 1) I should get the last gen of Intel 27"iMac while it's still available and stuff more RAM in at reasonable cost or 2) chill out  knowing the next gen 27" imac with M1 and SSD will work as quickly or quicker with 8GB RAM

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