A7C vs Z6ii

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A7C vs Z6ii

Not trying to start any sort of flame war (though seems inevitable when ask these questions)...seems as if so many posts here about the A7C were pre release or just after release and so many just werent that impressed (a lot discuss "using" older parts to make this camera)

currently have a fuji x-t3 which i admit is more than enough camera for me but am probably going to give it to a family member and that leaves me figuring out what i want next. I am very much a hobbyist, family and vacation type stuff (though wife is from South Africa and we go often including a safari every couple of years), some but limited video use-- not the person who will own 5 lenses, 2 perhaps 3 at most but i love the technology and do continue to try and learn more and more. I admit i am a manufacturers dream as i buy way more camera than i ever need.

Clearly can just grab an x-t4 ( i do want in body stabilization) and be done with it but the itch to try something new is rather strong -- and, the better low lite, higher iso, is appealing in the FF cameras.

Nikon - my second "real" camera was a D90 and to this day has been my favorite. Work not far from BH so popped in and was able to compare the fuji, sony and nikon side by side with the 24-70 lenses attached (16-80 for fuji) -- it is always shocking to me that the size difference really isnt that great until you get into the very high end glass (clearly the sony is the smallest of the 3 and the nikon the largest, but it is all rather close). would grab the z6ii with either the 24-70 f4 or the 24-200 seems like a great walk-around (perhaps grab the 24-50 for a smaller package as well and rent or buy a longer lens whenever needed again for safari and the like).

Sony A7C - had an early 6xxx series and gave up on it as it didnt look back then that Sony would be giving much support to aspc and wanted to give the fuji a run. love the size of this, have held it in the hand and the grip doesnt bother me at all. again, surprised there isnt more discussion on the camera in the forums, a lot seems to be from pre-and early release. would look to similar lenses 24-70, 28-60 maybe and a longer one later on. AF is wicked fast and everyone says the Sonys are very sticky with AF and really hold it well. This camera seems to not get amazing review, but also not get many bad ones -- which just surprised me as it looked great on paper to me

While the Sony is pretty available, the NIkon seems tough to find I get all of these are more camera than i will ever need, so am well aware i can buy a z5 or something lesser - want something that will last a while now and give me the enjoyment

to add, not a pixel peeper type and presume all of these are more than i would ever need

thanks so much for any assistance - will post in Nikon as well and let the fun begin

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 jeff23r's gear list:jeff23r's gear list
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