How to Level a Tripod That Has a Center Column

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Re: How to Level a Tripod That Has a Center Column

Gato Amarillo wrote:

Some cool ideas there. Like the panorama solution and also the use as gimbal. Love the look of the Acratech heads, especially the drag adjustment, but I'm not ready to spend $445 for a ball head. Not saying it's not worth it, just that it's not something I would use very often.

Wonder how that idea might adapt to more affordable heads -- might take a little ingenuity and maybe some machine work, but might be possible.

I have the Acratech GP (my favorite), the Acratech Ultimate (great for astro), and the Acratech leveler (good for light gear).

I tried the GP for panoramas, but didn't care for it, for a couple of reasons.  Foremost, I'm always misplacing or forgetting the hex key needed to remove the clamp.  I also prefer to tilt the camera up a bit when shooting panoramas to get a bit more height (as I tend to crop the bottom).  And I prefer an indexed rotator so I don't have to pay attention to how much I'm rotating.  So I have a little case with a rotator, L-bracket with clamp, and nodal rail.  The rotator is indexed.  The clamp can be rotated on the L-bracket to tilt the camera up.  And the nodal rail lets me adjust to the no-parallax point on the lens.

There are heads that have rotators top and bottom.  If you shoot a small format like M43, then the SunwayFoto XB-28II is workable.  I keep one on my Sirui T-025X for an ultra-light compact tripod solution for travel.

I know several pano shooters that use Induro heads (like the 5-way pan head).  Too large for my taste.

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