500pf with Kenko1.4x Teleplus HD DGX Teleconverter

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Re: 500pf with Kenko1.4x Teleplus HD DGX Teleconverter

92Diggers wrote:


Has anyone tried this combo (on a D850 in case it matters) and does it work? I'd be really interested to hear opinions (I couldn't find any discussions regarding this particular lens).

It would be for occasional use and I accept the DOF and AF performance loss that would come with it.

According to what seems like an ancient compatibility list on the Kenko website (which doesn't even include the D850 as an option!), they aren't compatible but I thought I would ask.

I'd also like to know if you can still use it with VR on.


Do you mean the Kenko1.4x Teleplus HD pro DGX Teleconverter or the Kenko1.4x Teleplus HD DGX Teleconverter? If the former, I have been using it with the D500 and 500mm PF since my Nikon 1.4 TC has been having problems and every store is backordered for a replacement (I had it fixed 4 years ago and now have the same problem). It functions fine (focus, VR, etc). The quality of the photos with the Kenko pro is okay, hard to say better or worse than the Nikon. I mostly use my 500mm PF without TC and struggle with whether the gain in pixels for distant subjects is worth what I feel is a loss in sharpness (the 500mm PF is just so good without a TC).  An example of a very distant shot using the Kenko 1.4 TC on the D500 (unfortunately it was overexposed):

White-tailed kites with Kenko 1.4TC on the 500mm PF

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