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Re: Birds Eye lenses

Back in the late 90's when Prof. Helmut Dersch released his Panorama Tools there was an explosion of people creating full spherical VR panoramas for the first time. Reflector attachments such as the Bird's Eye were used by some, but for most real world sphericals, stitching from rotated full circle fisheye lens frames was prefered because of quality and resolution.

But there was one group of people who really embraced the "Bird's Eye" reflector method - those wanting to create macro spherical panoramas. If I recall correctly, the highly polished balls from pinball machines were found to be the most versatile reflectors for this application.

I saw one macro panorama created using this method that was taken with the ball inside a running shoe, giving a 360 degree ant's-eye view of the whole interior, very surreal at the time.

I remember the excitement of making nodal point rotation mounts from scratch to be able to take sphericals back then (on film). Now, you can buy ready made kits complete with lens, and nearly every real estate website has 360 VRs.

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