MacBook Air M1 randomly decides to log out.

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MacBook Air M1 randomly decides to log out.

Hi all.

I am using a brand new MacBook Air M1 running Big Sur 11.3.1 and since the beginning, three month ago, I am experiencing a strange yet minor issue. When it’s left idle, after a delay that spans from half an hour to several hours, the System starts the shut down procedure. It's completely random and sometimes doesn't happen at all. So I find these messages:

LibreOffice closes the saved documents and then "fails to quit" if there are unsaved ones. Therefore the System log-out procedure is stalled.

Since FF always asks before quitting it stalls the log-out procedure.

The System talks to me as if I had taken the initiative of logging out whereas it's its own whim.

It's not a crash, it's an orderly shutting down of the MBA with Big Sur first odering applications to quit, each one obediently proceeding to close the open documents and gently asking the user if s/he wants to save them. It's the regular procedure. The routine usually starts with the application which is at the forefront but not always.

It would be just slightly annoying if it weren't for LibreOffice because it closes without asking questions the documents that are saved. So I found a trick: after saving a document, I add just a small change (a space) to make it unsaved. But I work on long and complex reports so I open several windows of each to be able to edit different sections simultaneously. When LibreOffice is ordered to quit it starts closing the windows in descending order until the first and stops if the document is unsaved. So I can stop it quitting but it has already closed all windows but one. I have to reopen them and find out where I was in my editing.

It's very annoying. I makes the look and feel unreliable.

I asked the question on the Apple Community forum. Some people suspected it was because of the stuff I connected to the MBA (a TB3 dock with SSDs, HD, external monitor, etc.). But it happens even when nothing at all is plugged in.

I have a suspicion: when I installed stuff on my new MBA I transfered data and apps from my hackintosh so I wonder if there was some odd settings that doing the trick.

Any clue, folks?



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