MacMini and which display?

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Re: MacMini and which display?

strawbale wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Then it should be a 4K 24" (run at 1920x1080 workspace) or 32" run at native 4K. If you get a 27" 4K, you'll probably wind up running it at 2560x1440 workspace for non-photo work because everything except images will look tiny. This is why Apple went 5K for its 27" displays - 5K at 1:2 = 2560x1440.

There is a 4.5K (actually "4480-by-2520 resolution at 218 pixels per inch") display on the 24" (actually 23.5") M1 iMac.

With VESA option!

24" M1 iMac is about $600 more than the equivalent M1 MacMini + Magic keyboard + Magic mouse.

That $600 + $79 will get you the 27" NEC Spectraview display I referenced earlier. Yes, it's not 4K and it's sRGB, but I'll take that any day over a 24" iMac.

So 1:2 scaling gives you a "like 2240-by-1260" workspace area (a bit more than 1920x1080 or 1920x1200). Text and objects at that setting would have about the same size as on a 27", 2560x1440 display with no scaling – acceptably large.

4480 = 16.7% wider in pixels than UHD 4K (3840).

2520 = 16.7% taller in pixels than UHD 4K (2160).

So an application could display 3840x2160 UHD 4K video at 1:1 with LCD screen pixels and still have extra space on the top/bottom/sides for the menu bar and application tool controls.

You could also fill the whole screen with 16:9 video for watching widescreen HD and UHD movies, at the possible cost of some minor scaling artifacts.


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