Why I believe Olympus/OMDS is dead/inactive

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Re: Would be good to verify the claims...

Raist3d wrote:

Why would they bother making all products very recyclable? Why would they bother investing money to get renewable energy sources? Why they would force suppliers to follow in this area? The easiest would be to not do any of those things.

Very recyclable? If they truely cared about that, the "right to repair" movement would not be a thing.

Also this is not something only Apple is guilty of. The process of obtaining raw materials used in phones and computers is very environmentally harmful and offsets any "green" initiatives.

Not only this but some of the things Apple has done, like getting rid of the charger with some products actually ends up creating more waste. Not to mention everyone one uses plastic in their packaging which almost always ends up in landfills, or the ocean.

The difference is some companies are not pretending to be green. But Apple is not the only one guilty of pretending.

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