Why I believe Olympus/OMDS is dead/inactive

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Re: Would be good to verify the claims...

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made in that article. Particularly from a website that looks like a Fox News front page.

After all, Apple of all companies has forced suppliers to adhere to higher standards when it comes to this.


Same with renewable energy


I am sure no company is perfect, but I find from all of them, seems like Apple is trying to do a lot of right things that they could just ignore.

They cynic in me wonders if all that 'trying' is a virtue signaling advertising campaign. to distract Apple's continued use of slave labor.

Update: Did a check on The Information which The Washington Times cites- looks like a legit company. Can't find any links evaluating media bias, need to see more articles, but looks like it could be quite legit. I'll be watching over that for a bit.

My problem with Apple is the continued bs marketing that they a trying to go "green". If they really wanted to do that they would stop making phones.

Why would they bother making all products very recyclable? Why would they bother investing money to get renewable energy sources?  Why they would force suppliers to follow in this area?   The easiest would be to not do any of those things.

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