Why I believe Olympus/OMDS is dead/inactive

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Re: Would be good to verify the claims...

Glen Barrington wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

made in that article. Particularly from a website that looks like a Fox News front page.

After all, Apple of all companies has forced suppliers to adhere to higher standards when it comes to this.


Same with renewable energy


I am sure no company is perfect, but I find from all of them, seems like Apple is trying to do a lot of right things that they could just ignore.

They cynic in me wonders if all that 'trying' is a virtue signaling advertising campaign. to distract Apple's continued use of slave labor.

Update: Did a check on The Information which The Washington Times cites- looks like a legit company. Can't find any links evaluating media bias, need to see more articles, but looks like it could be quite legit. I'll be watching over that for a bit.

My problem with Apple is the continued bs marketing that they a trying to go "green". If they really wanted to do that they would stop making phones.

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