What would you want in the Xpro4?

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Re: What would you want in the Xpro4?

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But really, the screen is neatly tucked away and protected, and immediately revealed whenever you want. What's not to like? Focus is more precisely checked in the EVF anyway (even if the X-Pro3 had a screen just like the X-Pro2).

I was out in the woods yesterday shooting small flowers. The X-Pro3 screen was perfect.

Its neatly tucked away? it has to be constantly out. How is that good design?

Take a picture, flip out the screen. Take another picture, flip out the screen.... Either that or keep the flap open, which is what i would be forced to do with the camera. Its horrible. For people who like to compose using the back screen, the flap just extends the size of the camera, its fragile and oddly angled.

Mate, if you bought and X Pro 3 and you often shoot like this, you have brought the wrong camera man.

I love, love, love the X Pro 3 simply BECAUSE of the screen.

Would you also buy a sports car and then complain there is nowhere in the back to carry a passenger? Would you buy a silver toaster to check your hair in the morning but complain the toaster is not at head height?

I am sure some people would - especially on Internet forums.

Im sorry, did i wonder into the wrong thread? i was under the impression this thread was for us to name things we would like the Xpro 4 to have.

I didn't buy the camera and complain about it, im quite confused about what you guys are on about.

Come now.  This is the Fujifilm forum.  Did you expect anything less than tribal attacks to any perceived slights to their dear cameras?  The X-Pro3 is perfect!  And the real zinger is the comment that if you don't like the camera it's because you don't own it.  Well duh.  Why would I own a camera that I don't like? LOL.

I previously owned the X-Pro3 but got rid of it.  I get everything you are saying.  It is unnecessarily frustrating to use.  I sold all of my Fuji equipment as I got tired of their bizarre camera design decisions.  I would like Fuji to change the X-Pro4 screen back to the original so that it is more versatile and opens it up to more users.  That would get me back into the system.  Why on earth folks here see that as a threat to their dear camera is peculiar.

Time will tell.  If Fujifilm decides once again to the keep the camera as an extremely niche product with the hidden screen design then they made the right design decision, if not then not so much.  Based upon their recent decisions I am guessing the latter.

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