Can you set a dial to ISO in A/S modes on A7 and other mode questions.

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Can you set a dial to ISO in A/S modes on A7 and other mode questions.

I'm a pentax shooter thinking about the A7 III and I'm worried I'm going to take a downgrade in ergonomics/flexibility as I love the way Pentax does pretty much everything, but I'd like to know what options I have in that regard on the A7. I got to play with an A7 III briefly at the store, but not dig around the options. I noticed on A or S mode, both dials did the same thing - changed the aperture or shutter speed. That's totally redundant and unnecessary.

1) Can you change the function of the front wheel in those modes to control ISO instead, so you don't have to dig in the menu for it? In other words, aperture priority would be back dial aperture, front dial iso.

2) Also, can you change the custom buttons, like C1 and C2 up top, so that they change what the wheels adjust when they're pressed down? For instance, could I change one of the top buttons so that when I told it down the rear wheel adjusts ISO instead of whatever it normally adjusts in that mode?

Also, one thing I love about Pentax is shooting TAv mode. Aperture/shutter priority. I shoot that way most of the time. It's a simple mode where you set the shutter speed and aperture manually, and the camera auto-adjusts the ISO in a totally simple, logical way, and I'm kind of amazed that other cameras haven't simply copied that mode. Every other implementation I've seen with auto-iso is way more complicated than that.

3) Can I get close to this functionality on the A7 somehow?

By shooting in manual and turning on auto-ISO it might be close. It wouldn't be the same thing - for instance, you can adjust exposure comp in Tav mode on pentax but it would be meaningless on manual. In general, in Tav, the camera is picking the third exposure setting to hit the metered exposure target, whereas in manual mode you're manually trying to find the exposure. In Tav mode, I just set what I want the aperture and shutter to be, and it takes a properly exposed picture. In manual, I have to look at my target and keep adjusting those settings until the picture is properly exposed, much slower.

4) Can you reprogram the exposure compensation dial for any other function, or it strictly tied to exposure compensation?

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