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Re: Full day video stream / webinar

Explain how you're running the camera's video feed into a MBP. I've never seen a laptop with an HDMI input, only HDMI outputs, so you would need an HDMI to USB capture device like an AJA U-Tap; unless you were planning to use the camera's USB output to get video signal into your MBP, in which case you probably wouldn't get the full resolution or frame rate of whatever video mode you selected.

Any camera that outputs a clean 1080P feed over HDMI or SDI and doesn't overheat will work for your task, so you might want to consider other features that will make the shoot go easier.

If the presenter is walking around on a stage, you might want to get a camera that has good constant AF in video mode.

If the facility has dim lighting, and for some reason you can't set up lights, you might want to get a camera that performs well in low light.

There are all sorts of things to consider, and describing the project in detail will help us make recommendations.

Please list your budget, as I don't know whether to recommend something in the $500 rand or $10,000 range.

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