How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

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Re: How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

ProfHankD wrote:

I'm very curious how many different lenses people in this forum have... because I suspect it's a lot more than "normal people" have. After all, many adapted lenses are much cheaper than new native lenses. So, let's find out.

How many interchangeable lenses do you have?

For this poll, let's count only lenses that YOU HAVE USED within the last few years and still have available for you to use (were not equipment you short-term rented, nor portions of your collection you've since sold off). Count both adapted and "native" mount lenses. If you have multiple copies of a particular lens model, you can count each one; you also can count add-on lenses, such as teleconverters, focal reducers, or front-mounted wide/tell conversion lenses.

Lol Hank, you used powers of 2! I also found it hilarious to find myself not knowing but reassured by the doubling range, no real idea of how totals so it was more what I think it may be. I also found it a complete and total relief not to be in the upper categories and to see a mix, and balanced answers.

I found it interesting that is not more like a poison distribution or very squewed (eg. the number being more linear).

Has anybody really figured out a reason why collect so many lenses? I really like their shape, and the idea of taking photographs, and that each one really does something that is at the same time almost the same, but definitely different.

I have stopped getting more lenses, and don't feel like selling or having getting more bored, but what I do also observe is that I have my prefered lenses that get a lot of fresh air, and some others do no see any.

Hank, is there a way to do a DOF test for lenses? I am a bit obsessed into the different transitions in the OOF PSF very close to the focus plane. If feel a reason to like a lot of lenses is the different rendering of this aspect, of which the very far away parts just an anecdote. I say this, because I think that even looking at ALL the measures/tests we have, like vignetting, MTF, curvture, etc. the character of a lens is completely missed by all this tests. I recall your suggestion to shoot the PSP with a tiny light, maybe shoot different parts of the frame with it.

I think a lot here like some aspect, and the uniqueness of the rendering, in addition to maybe some mechanical and physical aspect, and given we may have all in all about 2000 different very nice lenses, we could aim to do a project to follow exactly the same, controlled protocol, and generate a new dataset that actually says something valuable about these lenses. But would need to have no tinkering, 3D printing, etc. as most of us are not handy enough.

Anyway, I had fun responding to the poll and reading the comments.

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