the simplicity of an all manual film camera is the ultimate complexity

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the simplicity of an all manual film camera is the ultimate complexity

I see many on here who are in love with the old fully mechanical film cameras

I actually have recently used a old Rollie 35 SE

this camera does NOT provide :

1) automatic loading of film

2) rewinding of film

3) automatic speed or aperture settings

4) exposure or focusing information - not even a rangefinder - yet it has a focusable lens - its not a point and shoot

5) film iso information

basically you have to do every single thing yourself - it does nothing for you

now that's wonderful for a landscape shot on a tripod into a grey scene at full sun - use the f16 rule and hyperfocal distance setting and ..... bang the image is perfect

but for anything else its a real pain in the butt

I don't want to miss a shot because I am "mickey monkeying " around trying to figure the exposure - or a once in a lifetime image is lost because I used zone focus and made a mistake

so by having the simplest and most elegant of cameras you now are faced with the most complicated of cameras to actually use

"I photograph , therefore I am". - Mr Giggles

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