Raw Video and Chroma Subsampling

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Let’s agree raw doesn’t exist

Just like in stills cameras the term “raw” is a convenient lie. Once the light rays hit the front element on your lens they’re being bent, and cramming the data from a three-dimensional world into a two-dimensional system is the ultimate in compression.

Then there is the circuitry that turns the light into a digital signal plus the trade secrets that each company performs on the data and it’s silly to argue over what is raw.

In my opinion.

Interceptor121 wrote:

BRAW is not RAW that will never fly as the API to encode are not given to anyone so it is a dead product or I should say a dead non RAW video codec this is a fact stop babbling please. Because they do not want to give the API to anyone to record internally it follows exactly the same pattern of prores raw using recorders but as it is bandwidth hungry (at the end is video) it reaches limits much quicker.

ProRes RAW can be recorded to card if you wanted it but you need to pay license hence nobody does it it is not a limitation of the codec just of the license model

The observations about lens and noise have to do with the editing. BRAW that is not RAW is already noise reduced and the fact that you may want to add lens defect to the footage is not a universal recipe to anyone especially as in mirrorless camera you have chromatic aberration issues and distortion things that you do not have on PL or old DSLR mount (but I presume you have no idea of this and why)

Everybody is held hostage by RED when it comes to compressing RAW video so unless we want RED to have the monopoly something has to give and is not a minuscule company in Australia that wants people only to buy their cameras that is the solution

The fact that you talk about RAW but actually use a product that is not RAW just confirms you have a bias on the whole topic and are a bit obfuscated by a possible conflict of interest now please stop it because this is even more of a niche product of the one you say is a niche product. get a bit of perspective

I am still waiting for the list of many RAW video codecs that are great and better of prores raw if we exclude ARRI RAW that is data and RED, do you have it or not?

CinemaDNG was handed over to a consortium that included BMD and what have they done with it? Removed it from their own cameras so they could lock in users in their proprietary blackbox non RAW video codec. Happy days

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