Is DoF an optical, perceptual or a hybrid property ?

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Re: Is DoF an optical, perceptual or a hybrid property ?

Michael Fryd wrote:

It all depends on what you mean by "Depth of Field".

If your definition is based on the size of the Circle of Confusion on the sensor, then it's something that's baked into the image at capture time.

If your definition is based on whether something looks to be in focus to the viewer, then it is something that follows from how the image is viewed.

It turns out that for a wide range of common viewing situations we can come up with a CoC on the sensor that gives us a good estimate of what the visual DoF will be. However, it only covers those viewing contexts.

To calculate circle of confusion you need to know the viewing conditions.

There is no absolute mathematical circle of confusion, the entire concept is based around human visual acuity, and hence same with depth of field.

Cameras don't have a fixed depth box where they are in focus and immediately before and after they are out of focus.

It's a gradual shift of focus, and the transition of where is considered "in focus" and "out of focus" are based on visual acuity.

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