What would you buy next?

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Re: What would you buy next?

Leica Eye wrote:

Novelectro wrote:

Hey guys

Thought this might be a fun exercise. I'm wondering what gear I should buy next. I'm at a point where there isnt anything I'm really desperate to have, but plenty of things I wouldn't mind having.

Body wise I'm very happy with an A7riv and an A7riii.

I have a tamron 17-28, sigma art 24-70, tamron 70-180 and sony 200-600.

I wouldn't mind getting the 16-35GM or maybe the 70-200GM, but I honestly dont know if theyd be THAT much better. I've considered the 14-24 and the 12-24 but I hate that I cant use my filters with them.

I've also considered getting a wide fast prime. Like the 20mm 1.8 sony. I shoot a lot of timelapse and having something faster than 2.8 might be nice.

Drone? Maybe. A fast prime for portraits like an 85 or a 135? Maybe.

My computer is good, have a nice monitor for editing, great filters, a nice NAS. Good tripods. Good camera bag. For the first time I'm pretty satisfied. Good SD cards.

So just wondering if anyone has any strong opinions or if there is something that you didnt consider and then completely fell in love with?

Maybe a Rolex or Hublot... L

I think a sailboat and a harem would be much more fun.

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