How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

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Anyone else own a “Siberia”?

Travis Butler wrote:

Diacyclops81 wrote:

The category way too damned many should be included. I am not a store, so not over 500….but definitely over 125. Guess I ought to start a thread on how many useless SLR bodies do you have…don’t know how many defunct bodies I have purchased to get a lens included in the deal.

Hah. Absolutely.

I've mentioned it here before... but something I like doing with bodies like that is pairing them up with a spare lens - one of the ones bundled in that you've got several copies of, or one of the cheap junky ones, or something - and give them to a kid who seems like they'd be interested.

Even if they don't develop an interest in photography, a classic mechanical 35mm SLR + lens is still a heck of a toy - and who knows, they might grow up a photographer!

I bought a few of these old bodies just so that I could mount some of the lenses on them. Like an early Zenit, older and newer Zorki RF, and EXAKTA body and I even have a Topcon and Altix body.  One of my prizes was a “Siberia” (Paulus fake) - bought from Moscow knowing full well that it was as a fake and just for interests sake.

Someone went to a lot of trouble to take what I have identified as a later Zorki body, in very good condition (the retained serial number is one of the give-aways). Then ground off the Zorki identification, added an excellently engraved “FED” logo, super-size knobs also properly and professionally engraved, modified the lens and made up a suitable and engraved lens cap.

The original “Siberia” series is mythical and was presumably a war-time mash-up made for use with gloved hands. Perhaps indeed the special enlarged knobs were made in limited quantity as after-market products for Russian winter photography enthusiasts and making a faux Siberia was not quite as hard as it might otherwise be imagined.

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