How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

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Collections - lenses versus stamps?

walter g1 wrote:

Not sure. Somewhere between 129-256.

The further I got over “200” the more “not surer” I became.

When I had worked out the FSU lens numbering system I figured that I could have one of each of their LTM lenses (which were very cheap (mostly) at the time. Then I worked out that their “M42” lenses were generally better made .... Then I discovered that the command economy made multitudes of the very best lenses with cheaper material and that the more expensive and rare ones were not necessarily their best ones.  Quite the opposite of the free market economy where the very best ones were expensive and it was the price that made them rare - and so they remain coveted and expensive to this day.

I did work out eventually that there were much more FSU lens types about, but that once we moved from the common ones made in millions the market breadth diminished dramatically and the price went up.  Not necessarily a reliable indication of better lenses.

The simple “interesting to have” idea morphed into a collecting mania and left me with a wide variety of Takumar, Kodak DKL lenses, Pentax Auto-110, Meyer Optik, Canon FL/FD lenses, and a “few” others.  I had a good shot at Takumars except for the really rare ones, and an almost complete set of Kodak DKL and Pentax 110.  But even Meyer Optik was an issue let alone Canon FL/FD -  am I crazy?  I do set some sort of limits ....  At least I was smart enough to get hold of a few lenses like the red-ring Canon FD 50/1.2 at a price that was then a fraction of the asking price today.

As can be seen - I am a timid bottom-feeding set-maker and generally wimp out at acquiring the more expensive rare lenses.  But I suppose that collecting lenses is more interesting than collecting stamps - at least you can get to use them occasionally

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