Nikon Z6ii image review freezing

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Re: Nikon Z6ii image review freezing

DanishMacro wrote:

Carlo86 wrote:

Thanks for the hint!

Indeed - tried now with an older 32GB Sandisk Extreme card and the difference was visible, although still not perfect I would say.

But still seems Nikon screwed up a bit here - as I didn't remember such problems with my older cameras I did a similar test with that slower card on my D810, which should make roughly for an equal setting (much bigger RAW files but less FPS) - so just flooded the buffer and pressed the display button - and after 1s or so of initial lag could immediately scroll backwards! So seems they've re-invented the wheel on the Z6ii a bit and in the wrong direction...

This is probably why Nikon didn’t include a second (SD) slot on the original Z6: People will blame the camera/Nikon for the lag caused by terrible SD-card speeds.

As far as I remember The d810 is capable of 5 fps a full resolution. The Z6 ii is capable of atleast twice that in normal circumstances.

It’s hard numbers. Your SD card is the bottleneck. Change it to something fitting for your use.

Yes, I agree that the card was slow and a speedier one made it much better. But...after some more thorough testing I'm sure Nikon also screwed up here as seems Z6ii cannot two things at the same time - write out the buffer the SD cards and browse the images at the same time. And this works fine with on the D810 with the same card.

So I did a small test. Not overly scientific but took out the calculator still First did a full burst on the D810 until the buffer ran out - that gave 19 NEF-s at ca 41MB = 758MB. Took 50s to write it out, i.e. time of the green light on...but after 1 or 2 seconds I could scroll backwards in image review! So no biggie basically that flushing is running in the background.

Then I looked at the average Z6ii NEF size (27MB) and calculated that for same data amount I needed to do a 28 shot burst. Writing out this took 42s which is actually a bit faster than on the D810...but for the whole time I could not scroll back in image review mode, it just shows a black screen for the whole flushing duration if scrolling left from last image!

So in short I see no reason why it shouldn't work like previously on the D810...funny, Z6ii cannot do parallel processing with it's 2 processors

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