Why do I have this problem of light

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Re: Why do I have this problem of light

Kakou wrote:

Thanks for your response.

Indeed, I don't want to manage the light. I just want to manage the focus myself.

My mode dial is on "filming".

But I would like the camera not to make such big changes at every clouds that goes in the sky or at every move the lady makes.

Should I not put the ISO on Auto ?


You can sometimes get away with AUTO ISO for stills, but for video I think it's a really, really bad idea. I mean, AUTO ISO is what ruined the clip you linked above, so unless you want to keep dealing with that, change your habit of using auto ISO and just manually set it.

It's a bit of a shift at first, but once you start watching your live exposure preview and metering it's no big deal and gives you consistency, which is something you don't really get with AUTO ISO.

Other thing about consistency, is that it's way easier to correct in post.  If you shoot something that's consistently underexposed by a stop, fixing that in post is going to be way easier than using AUTO ISO, and trying to fix snippets here and there where AUTO ISO blew out the image.

To keep going down that train of thought, there will also probably be times where AUTO ISO will blow out the image to the point where there is no detail retention in the highlights, and you will not be able to fix it in post.

TLDR; don't use AUTO ISO for video!

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