Why I believe Olympus/OMDS is dead/inactive

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Maybe ...

Grimstod wrote:

Olympus has released the RAW content to Apple for the Em1.3 We know this as the Vise president of the British branch even complained in an interview that Apple had still not implemented what they had given them.

Maybe this points to a slightly different problem. If indeed Apple has had the info for some time but not bothered to update its SW for the latest m43 cameras(s), then it speaks to how they view them in the overall photo market. Since Macs are heavily used in photo editing I do not think they would ignore a product they felt a large percentage of photographers were using or likely to be using in the future. I cannot imagine them ignoring Canon or Sony for instance.

Simply put, Apple might not be in a hurry for support because they see m43 as a dying system and are focusing their resources on those companies they perceive as being the eventual winners in the dwindling photo market.

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