How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

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Re: How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

ProfHankD wrote:

petrochemist wrote:

ProfHankD wrote:

For this poll, let's count only lenses that YOU HAVE USED within the last few years

I've had to guess, die to the 'used in last few years' clause.

That was very deliberate on my part. I wanted to keep us in the "users" rather than "collectors" stats, because I know there are definitely people out there who buy old camera equipment purely to have it sit on a climate-controlled shelf. I have nothing against them, but I don't think that a person with 2000 lenses they'll never take out of their original retail packaging tells us much... whereas somebody who actually uses a dozen or more lenses, well, to put it bluntly, that's a group that few professionals would have qualified for back when I was doing professional work in the 1970s. I suspected we would have a lot of folks who use lots of lenses, but I'm honestly shocked to see my huge collection isn't all that close to the largest user collection....

None of my photo gear is stored on climate controlled shelves, but some might be in boxes with desiccant   There are quite a few that I don't realistically expect to use in the future for anything other than parts or practise at stripping rebuilding (perhaps that not a reasonable expectation either) - 29 out of a job lot of 30 probably fall into this bracket the other one being a lens I'd been on the lookout for & the job lot cost less than the lens alone.

I'm surprised you allow multiple examples of the same lens if you're after users numbers. They would count to my mind if the duplicates have bee modified in some way (elements removed or flipped) but I'd say that makes them a different lens, with more than just sample variation in their behaviour.

I think the number I have reasonable expectation of using again probably also falls in the same band i selected originally, so it should fit the purpose of the poll.

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