E-M1X, 300F4 Pro, and Nuthatch in Flight

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Bassam Guy wrote:

Lawrence M wrote:

Okapi001 wrote:

Lawrence M wrote:

My posts are about capturing/ documenting flight characteristics that are rarely to never seen of certain birds.

It's an interesting photo, sharp enough for most purposes. However, it's not a good example of documenting flight characteristic, because the rolling shutter effect distorted the shape of the wings. One may think the wings are bending like in the photo, but they are not.

Respectfully, what makes the photo interesting?

I can't speak for Okapi001 but I was captivated by the composition but, I'll admit, a tad dismayed by the lackluster sharpness (unfortunate but not a flaw) and amused by the watermark. Still, an 8.5. Thanks for posting it.

Thanks. I only shoot in open space which allows to compose and take a portrait of a bif. The watermark is simple (phone app) because it's not about me, it's about the birds. I only use electronic shutter to preserve my shutter actuations. Some of the lack of sharpness is from that. However,  when the paid job comes I'll use mechanical shutter.  I have comparable ec vs mech shutter shots. I know mech is better.

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