How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

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Re: How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

This is a great topic.

I am at roughly 40 lenses and find that when I reach for one of a dozen or so 50’s I do not really have a good reason for picking one over another.

Thus I have thinking about doing an exercise. First, set all my 50’s to 7 feet, wide open.

Then set up a tripod in shaded spot with the camera pointed at a sunny glade some 20/30 feet away. The idea is to focus each lens on a detailed object 7 feet away and let the more distant, over hanging, branches and eventual sunny clearing reveal the lenses character. By reviewing these photos in a slideshow I think I could create a ‘visual personality’ for each one. This ‘profile’ might help me choose just the right glass for the footage I am interested in shooting... maybe?

Do other people do this sort of thing; no sharpness charts but rather lens personality?

What do you think of using 7 feet as the focus distance?

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