A little time on the Blue Horsehead Nebula

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Re: A little time on the Blue Horsehead Nebula

DavidWright2010 wrote:

This is an interesting object, and an excellent capture.

I realize that this is probably a 'work in progress' for you, and you are the expert and I'm not, but there is a lot more nebulosity that can be pulled out of this image.


You're right, there's more detail the be pulled out, I just haven't bothered to do so yet as I want more subs to work with as the image is quite grainy so far (some of that has been reduced in the posted image).

But, yeah, work in progress.

I think some of the source of comments about pulling more detail out may be related to my monitor appearing to display images brighter (especially the darker regions) on it vs other monitors (and more so on displays using the newer color standard(s?) being used by cell phones).

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