O-MD E-M10 Mark IV impressions

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O-MD E-M10 Mark IV impressions

Got one today, sick of waiting for an E-PL11. After thinking about it for months and almost got a Fuji X-E4, but what kept me away from Fuji back then (X-E3) did the same job now (Oly 75mm). And now there's Dxo Prime.

I just have a lot of work with telephoto (that prime in particular) and I like small.

Some quick impressions because I just got it yesterday along with some comments on things I haven't seen around.

- Live view boost "#2" of EM5 is here too. It' the one that super boosts the live view in the dark, though at a much reduced frame rate. But just like EM5 and unlike the PenF- the frames per second are enough to not become a slide show.

- Grip is indeed better and feels the part considering how small it is.

- TILT LCD! Yes, and done very well. I think Helen had pointed this out to me before- yes, love how it tilts! For the "selfie" and for just the regular tilt. It's easy and direct, like using an EPL9. It moves enough to the back to get out of the way of the EVF cover.

- EM5 focuses much faster in ultra low light (and I mean pretty darK). Shouldn't be a surprise but that the camera failed to focus at all in that dark while the EM5 did it so quick surprised me and made a bit disappointed. Then noticed that if you try your best to look for anything shiny vs dark (i.e. any contrast) that can help and lock some focus.

I discovered if you use the highlight burn/shadow burn live preview option view, and in the blue shadow area when you see outlines, the camera will be able to probably pick that up and focus.

- IBIS is good and feels almost like the EM5 MKIII.

- The "shortcut button" is used to bring the super control panel, also main panels for things like Art mode, etc.

- Can't quite shake the feeling that both cameras should be about same image quality. Feels like the OM 10 is a tad worse but this could be a placebo effect. In another test today saw the clipping behaving similarly, so that’s encouraging as far as not losing image quality.

- Another unexpected surprise- mechanical shutter has a nice “classic camera” sound and not too loud - was expecting sort of sound to be more like a “clunk! “ or “clunky” sound most entry level cameras seem to have.

I realize this is an entry level model but it would help the AF accuracy in continuous AF, if you could really set "priority focus" on this camera.

Some shots form last night, exported via DXO:

And today-

Love love tilt LCD. I wouldn't have bought it if the EM5 MKIII had that.

Bonus for me- Camera is a bit smaller than the EM5 MKIII.

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Olympus OM-D E-M10
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