Nikon Z5 Down the line

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CamDude202 wrote:

Hello all, i just wanted to ask a quick and brief question or two solely opinion based.

I recently purchased a Z5 and after doing some comparisons of spec sheets with the

z6 it really brings the questions of, is the z5 being held back by its firmware? and

do you think the future firmware updates will unlock features like the 1.7 crop and 1080p 120 fps? from what ive seen, the only hardware disadvantages between the z5 and z6 is the back lit sensor, .2 megapixels, and screen dots... so the z5 is obviously being firmware locked so that you purchase a z6 or higher!

The BSI sensor is a big difference when it comes to speed--including video speed. This is actually the primary purpose of BSI in today's sensors: speed.

The Z5's sensor (Sony IMX128) is shared with the D750, D610, and D600; and its bandwidth is much smaller than the Z6's (Sony IMX410). This is why the Z6 can do a full-sensor scan video (6K video that is resampled down to 4K); while the Z5 can only do 4K while cropping.

I don't believe the Z5 sensor is capable of reliably scanning 120FPS in HD (1080p); nor is it capable of full-scan 4k (meaning the 1.7X crop for 4K isn't going anywhere either). Even the Z6, which has a much faster BSI sensor, does line skipping when it does 120FPS HD (unlike the 30FPS modes, which are oversampled from the full 6K scan).

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