Advice for 82mm CPL for 14-30 f4 S

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Re: Uneven Polarization (Re: Advice for 82mm CPL for 14-30 f4 S)

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Breathrough Photography make some nice ones, or B+W.

You do know CPL on wide angle lenses can give varying strength/somehwhat awkward results, especially on the sky?

As giarc mentions, I don't use a CP wider than 24mm because you are very likely to get uneven polarization across the sky (one side darker than the other) - it can even happen in the 24-30mm range.

Several of us have brought up this point. I took this picture almost 20 years ago at the Sydney Opera House, and I used a polarizer on a wide-angle lens. Since then, I rarely do that again. I hope the OP can consider that before spending money on a relatively expensive 82mm polarizer for the 14-30mm/f4 S.


I do in fact own one to fit the 14-30, and have used it mostly to help remove reflections on foliage, so to me its still useful, but not really if there is lots of sky. Of course, the uneven polarization takes place regardless of what you are photographing, its just way way less of an issue if its not clear blue sky

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