How long will the 5DsR system effectively last?

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Re: How long will the 5DsR system effectively last?

Photoclever wrote:

MitchAlsup wrote:

Check out the reviews and MTF comparison between the new 40mm F/1.4 Sigma DG ART and the comparable Zeiss. The rest of the Sigma F/1.4s are in the same ball park as the higher end Canons, but the 40 (and I think the 24 new Sigmas') are a step forward for from the earlier ART already really good series primes.

About 40% down the page is a comparison between the Sigma and the Zeiss.

The Sigma 135 f/1.8 ART is also a match for anything out there. It should be noted that the Canon RF 50 f/1.2L can stand toe-to-toe with the Zeiss Otus. Zeiss makes great glass but one cannot just assume it's always the best in every match up.

The underlying point is that even if Canon decides to stop all manufacturing of EF lenses tomorrow, that this large market will continue for a very long time.

And there is no question that EF (OVF) cameras tend to last for decades of well cared for use.

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