How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

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Re: How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

ProfHankD wrote:

I'm very curious how many different lenses people in this forum have... because I suspect it's a lot more than "normal people" have. After all, many adapted lenses are much cheaper than new native lenses. So, let's find out.

How many interchangeable lenses do you have?

For this poll, let's count only lenses that YOU HAVE USED within the last few years and still have available for you to use (were not equipment you short-term rented, nor portions of your collection you've since sold off). Count both adapted and "native" mount lenses. If you have multiple copies of a particular lens model, you can count each one; you also can count add-on lenses, such as teleconverters, focal reducers, or front-mounted wide/tell conversion lenses.

I've had to guess, die to the 'used in last few years' clause. I know i have over 300 now that could be used, but probably around half or two thirds of them I haven't used yet. Fortunately at that end of the scale the bands are wide enough I'm unlikely to be out by more than one band.

Some of the lenses I have came bundled with others I wanted & aren't worth passing on to anyone. Others are more difficult to adapt needing extensive DIY

I suspect if we take  'normal people' to be the most likely number for a camera owner, the result would be one or at most two. I've certainly known photography enthusiasts who don't have more than this! Only about 30% of our current local photographic workshop members have more than 5 lenses.

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