Regarding focus stacking on SONY cameras

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Regarding focus stacking on SONY cameras

... or are they just a bit lazy regarding a feature/development?

I use focus stacking often enough. At this stage the lack of automatic focus bracketing keeps me from getting a SONY (90/2.8) - or SIGMA (105/2.8) - macro lens. So for those shots I take my X-Pro3.

For manual focus stacking I use the A7C with a Nikkor 55/3.5, key in 15 frames, interval shooting and then slowly (read: sloooooowly) turn the focus ring on the totally manual Nikkor Micro. So it can be done, but when I compare images taken with the X-Pro3 using up to 130 frames (only some shots so far required more than 100 frames, the majority of the X-Pro3 stacks generate between 30 and 50 frames).

When I compare the 15 frames on the A7C with shots where more frames were used I think I can see a better allover rendering of the final image. On the Nikkor when using 15 frames (who not many more??) I almost every time run out of scope, basically wasting a few frames.

3 questions:

  1. Is there a better way to do stacking with the A7C (or any other SONY A-Series camera)
  2. If I don't use the fully manual Nikkor, how do the focus-by-wire lenses work in this regard e.g. can the "throw" on the macro lenses be adjusted to truly slow?
  3. Why don't they have it? SONY cameras that is. Manual stacking can be done but takes substantially longer to do.

A few pics that I took for testing: the A7C plus lens were never completely still when it dangled from a cross-beam of our rear deck. Then the same tests regarding moving flowers. That was a software check (Helicon).

X-Pro3 Stacked from 41 image (auto)

X-Pro 3 Stacked from 69 images

The X-Pro3 images were generated from SOOC jpgs.

A7C 15 frames - note that the SONY engraving is slightly "out" versus the right metal ring behind.

Nit-picking a bit when it comes to the A7C manually set 15 frames shot. In reality I had already reached the front sunshade at frame 11. Tried this a few times, but thought I never needed more than 12 frames.

Is there any interest in the SONY user "camp" (terrible expression, but can't think of a better one right now) in an automatic focus bracketing? I think it adds quite a bit to a simple small aperture shot.


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