How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

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How many different interchangeable lenses do you have?

I'm very curious how many different lenses people in this forum have... because I suspect it's a lot more than "normal people" have. After all, many adapted lenses are much cheaper than new native lenses. So, let's find out.

How many interchangeable lenses do you have?

For this poll, let's count only lenses that YOU HAVE USED within the last few years and still have available for you to use (were not equipment you short-term rented, nor portions of your collection you've since sold off). Count both adapted and "native" mount lenses. If you have multiple copies of a particular lens model, you can count each one; you also can count add-on lenses, such as teleconverters, focal reducers, or front-mounted wide/tell conversion lenses.

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Zero (0). Have pin, made hole. Either that or something like your cell phone camera has everything you need -- i.e., all your lenses are permanently attached to camera(s).
0.9% 1  vote
One (1). Why would anyone need more than one lens? ;-)
0.0% 0  votes
Two (2) lenses.
0.9% 1  vote
Three (3) lenses.
2.8% 3  votes
Four (4) lenses.
1.9% 2  votes
Five to eight (5-8) lenses.
8.3% 9  votes
Nine to sixteen (9-16) lenses.
19.4% 21  votes
Seventeen to thirty-two (17-32) lenses.
16.7% 18  votes
33-64 lenses.
15.7% 17  votes
65-128 lenses.
15.7% 17  votes
129-256 lenses.
12.0% 13  votes
257-512 lenses.
3.7% 4  votes
513 or more lenses. If a lot of us click this, I think we're going to have to open an LBA recovery support group....
1.9% 2  votes
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