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Yes - but as ever depends on what you are doing...

Master Joyner wrote:

Hi guys I am new in the group, I wanted to ask if an Olympus em10 Mark III camera is suitable to shoot videos/ motion and what are the other resources needed to back it up. Speaking more about light resources and what kind of environment is it suitable to shoot ?

I use one all the time for recording short films / video clips for clients doing corporate social media work. Think Facebook, LinkedIn videos, short internal web portal stuff, and I have shot a deal of stuff up on skillshare.com.

I always use an external lav mic and my phone to record the sound separately and then over dub it in post production (when you edit the videos down simply add the sound track - takes 5 mins).

Aside from that I've got a couple of old manual focus lenses (Helios 44/4 and Mir 1V - both sub $50 which i use with an adapter and a new Pergear 25mm f/1.8). Couple this with the kits lens and I'm good to go.

I habitually use a tripod. If you want to hand hold then the IBIS stabilization helps a lot but isn't as good as a proper gimbal.

For lights I have a few cheap LED strip lights and a big LED ring light - again I buy the cheap kind from ebay or Amazon and paid maybe $300 total for the set. More than good enough for the type of work I want to do.

Short answer is: Yes it works well. Well enough I use one to make at least a part of my living from it. You need an external mic ($35 max - be sure to get the right cable for it!) a few lenses ($250 - 300) as well as the kit lens and maybe $350 in lights and tripod.

Good luck!

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