E-M1X, 300F4 Pro, and Nuthatch in Flight

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Re: E-M1X, 300F4 Pro, and Nuthatch in Flight

drusus wrote:

WileEC_ID wrote:

I don't get the point of all these threads where nothing is in focus.

I noted someone queried that in the last one and he got a flurry of posts and excuses for what amount to pretty poor quality images.

Others post threads of swallows and other small birds in flight, that in my experience, are far faster and less predictable in their flight - yet those are in focus and pretty amazing.

No need to reply with more excuses - just sad to see these and it reflects poorly on what MFT is capable of.

I intend no disrespect - but I don't post images of experiments I'm trying that are clean and sharp. Those misses tell me I have more work to do - to get the technique ironed out.

You say that nothing is in focus. Maybe the image was replaced since when you looked at it. The one I am looking at, in the original post currently, has a very clear area of focus: the bird's left eye and part of its beak. Quite a feat by the photographer or the camera's autofocus system (knowing m43's autofocus system, I am inclined to to credit the photographer).

By the way, disrespect that is not intended generally hurts only a little less than disrespect that is intended.

Thanks, I acquire these images by using manual focus traps, using 4 cameras surrounding the feeder. THE ONLY AF photo someone is capturing of a bird the size and speed of a Nuthatch is single AF.

I'll throw a bone to whomever is interested. To fill the frame at 300MM of a Nuthatch/Titmouse sized bird, you have to be standing 20 to 18 feet away - good luck with caf, let alone get close enough to put the camera to your eye - 40-150 (11 feet).

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