R6 ISO 102400 with DxO PureRAW and DeNoise AI

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gaul Senior Member • Posts: 1,142
Re: DxO PureRAW .. first.. then.. DeNoise AI? I think order is important here..

Myrgjorf wrote:

gaul wrote:

Hello, thanks very much for sharing these very valuable examples

Order in your worklow is

1- DxO Pure Raw (using DeepPrime inherited from PhotoLab Elite)

2- Lightroom (but it could be taken out of the equation, correct?)

3- Topaz DeNoise AI

Is this correct? Thx

Correct. That is my workflow. I prefer to include Lightroom in my workflow. I did a quick test and you can take the .DNG file directly from PureRAW into DeNoise AI.

thx very much for the confirmation

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