Godox 2400w pack and dual head for studio

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Re: Godox 2400w pack and dual head for studio

I don't have much use for a 2400 ws studio pack but I would love a bi tube 2400 ws head as an option for my 1200 ws (battery powered) packs. best of all worlds.

as for rental/repair: yes and no. I am in the US, I only buy flashpoint through Adorama because I get longer warranty and they take care of repair, so I don't see this as an issue at all. add in the low price which makes it pretty easy to have back ups for everything and the whole thing becomes a no brainer. Also: I have used godox and flashpoint exclusively for years now and have never had any issues of any kind.

establishing a rental/repair presence would drive prices up. right now buying the 1200ws flashpoint kit is less then  renting a profoto battery powered kit with similar specs for 2 weeks. and having worked with both, I actually prefer the flashpoint packs. before flashpoint I owned broncolor mobil and I definitely prefer the flashpoint packs.

the big broncolor or profoto packs make sense in a big studio, they are solid and great to work with, for the big rental studios it makes sense to stick with those brands (for now?)

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